Thursday, June 23, 2011

Albert Market, Amsterdam

Albert Cuyp market in Amsterdam is one of the busiest and famoust market among local and international tourist. The market is operated since 1904 with a concept of open-air market with over 300 traders are lining both sides of the Albert Cuyp street which we takes almost 2 hours shopping and tour around the market. The market operated daily from 9:30 a.m – 5.30 p.m. There are many open stalls selling everything from flowers, fruits, vegetables, cheese, chocolate, nuts, meat, chicken, fish & shellfish, cooked food, spices to clothes, luggage bag, cosmetics and bedding. The prices are quite cheap and even you can bargain. What I like about Albert market are the cleanliness, a proper product display, varieties of product, friendly traders and of course it's cheap.

stall selling variety of nuts and dried fruits
                          stall selling smoked fish and fishery products
                        the only one stall selling halal grilled chicken
                         we did had a free food's really sedap
                            Big, fresh, juicy and sweet strawberry
* the photos was taken during my trips to Amsterdam on 16th April 2011 (Saturday)

Kwang Jang Market (Seoul, Korea)

If you come to Seoul, don't forget to stop at Kwang Jang market at Jongno Sa (4) Ga. The easiest way to go to this market is by taking a Seoul Subway Line 1 and stop at the Jongno 4 station. Almost every product from cooked food, fabrics, cloths, bedsheet, blanket, chinaware, seafood, groceries, shoes, fruits, souvenir you can get here with a very affordable price, even you can bargain if you are lucky.

the entrance to Kwan Jang market

shop selling colorful blankets and bedspreads

Korean favourite dishes kimchi

stall selling seafood

walkway lined with shops at the ground floor

Kwang Jang market is a heaven of fabric selling all kind of fabric ranging from linen to expensive silk

* the photos was taken during my trip to Seoul, Korea on 7th January 2011