Friday, December 14, 2012

My trip to Magical Kingdom, Orlando Florida, March 2012


The main entrance
View of lake garden from the train on the way to Magical Kingdom land
Queue to enter the Magical Kingdom

Cool Scanner
Mad Tea Party


Souvenir shop
Winnie the Pooh house

Souvenir Shop in Heritage House
Swan is waiting to board the boat
Liberty Square Riverboat
Splash Mountain

Haunted Mansion
The entrance to Haunted Mansion

Pirate of the Caribbean
People waiting for the nightlife street electrical parade
me with Mr. and Miss Mickey Mouse

shop selling candies and other souvenirs made from crystal

                                                          Wide range of Candies

Cinderella Castle made from crystal cost $37500
Nightlife musical performance at Cinderella Castle

Disney's Electrical Parade started at 9 pm
Street Electrical Parade and end of the show of that day

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